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Serum for the eyes and mouth

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1 piece

Base price: 183,33 € each 100 ml

Serum for the eyes and mouth - Baltic Collagen - 15 ml

For a youthful, firm look

The brand

Baltic Collagen was not produced. Baltic Collagen was not manufactured. Baltic Collagen was created! From Mother Nature. The most valuable essences from the depths of the Baltic Sea as well as the outstanding recipes have created the name. Pure collagen from selected, wild game fish are at the heart of the exclusive textures.

Direct processing of the natural resources is ensured by the close proximity of the headquarters to the Baltic Sea. Without harmful chemicals. Without aromas and colouring 100% natural! The result is an outstanding line of collagen cosmetics that give your demanding skin a charismatic, engaging and lively radiance.

Because collagen accounts for 70% of the skins smoothness and elasticity, there are now countless collagen cremes and gels on todays market. However, collagen is not always collagen! This is exactly what you'll notice if you've ever used a collagen cream and then try a collagen product from the Baltic Collagen series. The reason: The Baltic Collagen products contain collagen in transdermal form. "Transdermal" literally means "through the skin". This form of collagen soaks up your skin, like sponge soaks up water.

In addition to this, the biologically active collagen content in transdermal form, is higher than that found in most expensive cosmetic products that are currently available on the market. Thus, your skin is not only cared for, but also visibly revitalised. The result is flawless skin with more strength, moisture and protection. For this reason we whole-heartedly recommend the Baltic cosmetic line. It represents an ideal complement to our legendary Collagen-Lift-Drink. Try it out yourself. You’ll love it!

Serum for the eyes and mouth

This refreshing serum will amaze you. Feel and see the difference after just 5 minutes! See the unbelievable lifting effects of this product. The lifting effect is so amazing that even dark circles and baggy eye are significantly reduced.
The unique texture provides your sensitive and regeneration-needy eyes and mouth a feeling of firmer skin and makes clearly defines contours and gives you a youthful toned look. As like a new model!
This natural care product, with a collagen extract type 1 basis, is characterised not only by its strong lifting effect, but it also repairs your sensitive eye and mouth areas. With the healing powers of the sea, this deeply effective serum provides optimum care for every skin type and will significantly improve your three-dimensional look.

• Deep skin moisturising and moisture-binding effect
• Skin toning after just 5 minutes
• Toning and smoothing of unevenness
• Regeneration and inhibition of the formation of new wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
• Toning of the upper eyelid
• Reduction of bags under the eyes and eye shadow

Please apply the product to cleansed skin around the eye and mouth areas, and gently massage in. It can also be used as a cream base.

Recommendation: For men and women. Store in a cool place (ideally in the fridge).

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from Daniela on 08.01.2018
Feines leichtes Gel was schnell einzieht und keinen Film hinterlässt. Die Augenpartie sieht sofort frischer und rosiger aus und ich nehme es auch gern um die Lippen ringsum. Einziges Manko, die Pipette ist ungünstig für diese Textur.
from Sharon on 06.01.2017
Wirkung war innerhalb 24h zu erkennen.. Bin sehr zufrieden
from Monika on 14.07.2017
Wirkt sofort bei müden Augen und liftet Sie gleichzeitig

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